Fresh flower & Everlasting flower Order Notice

Mother’s Day marks the highest demand of the year globally. Especially with pink roses, their shade may vary depending on the temperature they were grown in; please take note of this.

Flowers and wrapping papers are subject to replacement based on availability. While we primarily use white wrapping paper to enhance the flower colors, please inform us if you prefer an alternative color due to cultural reasons. We will accommodate your request only if communicated to us.

We make every effort to source the colour palette and flower varieties shown. Since we work with nature, occasionally it may be necessary to substitute with a similar flower and/or colour. We guarantee your blooms will be beautiful and fresh and your recipient will be happy!


*Preserved Flowers: Our luxury everlasting roses are 100% real, natural roses. Harvested at the peak of their beauty, these roses are professionally preserved to maintain their freshness and beauty. With proper care, they can last at least a year. No watering is required.

Preserved flowers may exhibit slight scratches on the petals, as they are made from real roses. Therefore, such imperfections will not qualify as grounds for exchange or refunds

*Soap Flowers: It is a new type of material similar to silk flowers from South Korea. The artificial flowers emit a beautiful scent that can last for over a year. To preserve their quality, store them in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight to prevent fading.

As soap roses are crafted from soap materials, they may occasionally display bubbly spots or other imperfections caused by the materials used. Please understand that these minor material issues should not be a cause for concern.